Bug 1144135

Summary: Remove google-roboto-fonts from patterns-base-x11
Product: [openSUSE] openSUSE Tumbleweed Reporter: Yunhe Guo <i>
Component: PatternsAssignee: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar>
Status: RESOLVED FIXED QA Contact: E-mail List <qa-bugs>
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Description Yunhe Guo 2019-08-03 09:27:50 UTC
google-roboto-fonts was added to patterns-base.sepc because Bug 951898 want to make openSUSE look nicer. But Roboto fonts isn't a good choice.

1. It doesn't follow openSUSE's design guidelines

Roboto fonts is designed for Google's operating system: Android, Chrome OS. It is from Google's material design language.

openSUSE has its own design guideline. The fonts used are: Open Sans and Source Sans Pro. https://opensuse.github.io/branding-guidelines/

Open Sans is mainly for web. Source Sans Pro can be a good choice. But Roboto fonts don't have a reason to be here.

2. It is not required or recommended by any DE and applications

In GNOME you cannot change UI fonts by default. KDE uses Noto Fonts in UI by default. So even if we install Roboto fonts by default, it won't be used anywhere.

3. It has metrics issue.

It is designed for Android and Chrome OS. The font metrics is weird. If you set it as default UI fonts in KDE, panel, widgets and Qt applications will have ugly layout change. It is not designed or tested with Qt at all.

4. It is not liked.

I talked with KDE VDG people yesterday, and most of them don't like Roboto. And recently they don't even try to pick a unique fonts for KDE. The reason is that people all have different tastes and their devices are different, too. Noto Sans is balanced choice.


So I suggest to remove google-roboto-fonts from patterns-base-x11. Only keep Noto Sans (good for all) and DejaVu Sans (for some old applications).
Comment 1 Dominique Leuenberger 2019-08-05 11:53:58 UTC
created request id 721019

Request: #721019

  submit:       system:install:head/patterns-base@103 -> openSUSE:Factory

- Drop google-roboto-fonts recommends: nothing really depends on
  it and roboto is not used as default font in any openSUSE setup

State:   review     2019-08-05T11:53:18 dimstar
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